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Dave& Rex''S Outdoor World
(606) 523-2277
831 W. Cumberland Gap Parkway
Corbin, KY
Bacon Creek Gun Shop
(606) 528-4860
1205 Cumberland Falls Road
Corbin, KY
Chinquapin Rough Gunworks
150 Wiley Hillard Rd
Annville, KY
Berea Pawn Shop
208 Richmond Rd J N
Berea, KY
Kentucky Shooting Sports
(502) 957-6255
135 B Marketplace Dr.
Louisville, KY
8833 South Hwy. 25
Corbin, KY
Big Bottom Branch Gun Shop
1293 Hwy 578 N
Annville, KY
John'S Gunsmithing & Sales
495 Madisonview Road
Berea, KY
Square Deal Pawn Shop
4143 Richmond Rd
Irvine, KY
Steck & Sons Sporting Goods
(270) 737-8952
6869 N. Dixie Hwy.
Elizabethtown, KY

Buying a Used Shotgun

If you are not an experienced shooter or gun buyer, perhaps the most important place to start is with the admonition to purchase the first one from someone that you can trust to sell you a quality used gun.

A friend, colleague or failing that, a quality and reputable gun shop isn’t in the business of ripping people off because their reputation is important to them and they are looking for repeat customers. They will have inspected the gun and checked its safety and condition prior to placing it up for sale. They will be usually well able to give you the background on the gun as well as an honest appraisal of what its worth.

Winchester Hunting Rifle Winchester Hunting Rifle

Most of them will permit you to return the gun for a refund without any hassles in a reasonable amount of time, (most within 7 days) and if it doesn’t meet the normal standards for accuracy and its function they will take it back no questions asked.

Of course, as with any other return it will have to go back in the same shape as it was when you purchased it. Make sure that when you test your gun, that you check it for pattern and accuracy using only factory loaded ammunition. If you do find problems make sure that its not the ammunition that you are using.

When you purchase a gun you will want to, if possible, look up the cost and value in the current issue of the Blue book of Gun Values, which is put out by Fjestad, so that the price is within the ballpark of what the gun is worth.

Any problems or deviations from that blue book plus a reasonable markup, and you do have reason to return the gun.
This is the way a used gun sale works and in most cases, it IS the way it works, however this is dependent of course on your dealing with people who are honest and above board in their dealings.

My personal advice for first time gun owners and for seasoned veterans alike, is to not purchase over the Internet on places such as Ebay, unless that purchase is made from a licensed gun show where you have some recourse to return the item.

I don’t like personally choosing something such as a weapon or a vehicle unless I can inspect it first, which is my problem with purchasing in this way. Its not bad for jewelery or small ticket items but it is not the way to go for guns and higher priced items that need to be checked out thoroughly prior to taking them home. When buying guns its better to deal with someone who has something to lose, or face to face with your seller.

Another tip that I picked up along the way is to make sure that you get a signed purchase receipt, stating clearly how long you have to check out the gun and return it if you choose to do so.

One of the more important things necessary in purchasing a used gun is to check it out thoroughly prior to purchase. One gun manufacturer suggests the following:

How to check the condition of a used shotgun

PLEASE NOTE: Before handling any firearm, always open the action and verify that both the chamber and...

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Kentucky Hunting Regulations

Age Requirement:

Jr. Sportsman License available to youths under 16.  License application must be signed by parent.  Children under the age of 12 are license exempt. 

Education Requirement:

All hunters born after Jan. 1, 1975, shall have a valid hunter education card IN POSSESSION WHILE HUNTING. A card is not needed for purchase. Exceptions: 1) Children under 12 may hunt without a card if accompanied by an adult. 2) Persons exempt from a hunting license are also exempt from hunter education card requirements (i.e., landowners; military on furlough). 3) Persons with a Hunter Education Exemption Permit may hunt without a card while accompanied by a legal adult hunter.

Bow Education Required:


Orange Required:

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