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Grd Studio/Workshop
7 Lyndeborough Road
Amherst, NH
B & B Outdoors Guns & Gear
(678) 352-1720
710 Holcomb Bridge Road
Atlanta, GA
Freedom Firearms
160 North Rd
Deerfield, NH
Dixie Gun & Pawn
(770) 941-0029
1069 Veterans Memorial Hw
Mableton, GA
Georgia Range & Guns
(404) 366-7861
285 Lake Mirror Road
Forest Park, GA
356 Pingree Hill Rd
Auburn, NH
Dick'S Gun Shed
37 John Goffe Dr
Bedford, NH
Sigma Specialty Systems
121 Mack Hill Rd
Amherst, NH
Tucker Gun LLC
(770) 493-9400
3996 Lawrenceville Highway
Tucker, GA
Deercreek Gun Shop
(770) 425-5060
280 South Fairground Street Southeast
Marietta, GA

Why use a Scope?

Now Days, most everyone who is anyone uses a scope, or some other kind of optics that make it easier to use their guns. That includes not just rifles, but also handguns and even shotguns.
While I’ve never been a scope enthusiast, I can see the value.

Frankly, I was raised with peep sites, and I love them.
Yep, I just dated myself quite effectively didn’t I??
However I do see the scope reasoning.

Scope hunting is easier for older eyes Scope hunting is easier for older eyes

Its neat, its simple and its easy.
Taking aim through a scope, or using that little red dot completely takes all the guesswork out of lining things up doesn’t it?
Using the old style metal sites we had to line up the front site, rear site and the target all in one neat little line and it wasn’t always easy to accomplish.

While it took a lot more skill, it wasn’t state of the art, didn’t always get the job done and it did have the added disadvantage of being easier to miss.

Put the scope on and you have one task. Line up the cross hairs with the target, and lets face it. If you can’t do that, you have no business being out with a gun in the first place.

Learning to shoot with a scope is technically easier than learning to use iron sights, and since the scope has another advantage, that of magnifying the target and making it appear closer, its far easier to see the target, which for those with eye issues makes it nicer to use, and lets them see more closely an exact place on the target to set up the shot.

If your eyes aren’t perfect, you can adjust it to make it clean and clear, so that its far better to use than any other kind of sight, particularly once you hit the forties and fifties, and your eyes tend to be less than 20/20 and more like.. well.. older.. this makes using the iron sights more than frustrating, but sometimes nearly impossible.
The one real disadvantage of the scope is that the more it magnifies the less it permits light in so that your vi...

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